Does Taylors College offer the same curriculum as other High Schools?

Yes, the Taylors High School Program is the state approved and certified curriculum, just like in State Government Schools and other private schools. The state based qualifications are recognised for university entry throughout Australia and around the world. Teaching of Years 10, 11 and 12 at Taylors College is adapted to the state award as High School Certificate (HSC).

Is Taylors College approved by the government?

Yes, Taylors College is independently accredited by the appropriate government bodies overseeing standards in educational delivery. All are inspected regularly for quality assurance.

Does Taylors College offer any special courses for international students within the High School Program?

Yes. Please see Academic English Preparation (AEP) below.

Any other help for international students?

Yes! Taylors College also offers free tutorials, timetabled daily for each subject. Tutorials allow students to gain extra help from teachers, on an individual or small group basis. Each student is also assigned a mentor who is trained to support students' academic development and personal well being. In addition, Taylors College provides comprehensive booklets which guide students through the content of a course. They are provided for each subject and give students details of curriculum and assessment tasks, supplementary course materials, learning support, additional exercises, practice exams and much more.

How does Academic English Preparation (AEP) work?

If students meet the academic requirements for admission but their English level is not sufficient, they may undertake Academic English Preparation (AEP). AEP is delivered on the same campus as the High School Program, and upon successful completion students can progress directly to the High School Program without taking an IELTS test. Students sit a placement test prior to commencing AEP which determines the level of English and length of program required. A package offer is then issued including AEP and High School Program, entry to High School Program being conditional on successfully completing AEP.

What is the difference between October and January intakes for Year 12?

Year 12 in New South Wales starts in October each year. Students then continue Year 12 in January for the following year. First time entry to Year 12 in January is limited to students transferring from another institution who have partially completed Year 12 HSC studies, or who wish to repeat Year 12. Our admissions team will make all the necessary arrangements for these students.

Does the Taylors College accept forecast results for admission?

Where appropriate, forecast results from Singapore and Malaysia may be accepted for admission. A conditional offer will be issued, and when final results are received the offer will be converted to a full offer. Find out more about entry requirements

How is Taylors College different from other High Schools?

Taylors College is more like a mini university than a school. There are no uniforms, no bells, no detentions, the timetables are flexible and students are treated with respect like an adult. At the same time, students are given all the support they need to adapt to their new environment, with specialist Academic, Tertiary and Careers Counsellors, Accommodation staff, Airport pick up, Caregivers for Under 18s, Health Centres and a Psychologist. Find out more about student support.

Does Taylors College help students find accommodation?

Yes. There are dedicated accommodation staff at our campus who will find the best accommodation for the student before they arrive. Options include Homestay (compulsory for Under 18s) and student residences like UniLodge and Urbanest. Homestay hosts are all approved by the college, all have police checks and are inspected regularly. For students aged over 18, independent accommodation is available and our staff can assist with this. We can also arrange airport pickup to meet students at the airport and deliver them directly to their accommodation on arrival.

How long has Taylors College been around?

George Taylors established what is now known as Taylors College in 1920, so nearly 100 years. We enrolled our first international student in 1925, and the Sydney college opened in 1935. In 1960 we were the first private school in Australia to install a computer for teaching and learning purposes! Since its establishment Taylors College has provided hundreds of thousands of students with access to further educational and employment opportunities.

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