Application help

Guidance on completing the application form

Section 1: Select a course

Question Explanation

Type of programme you are applying for

Please select what level of preparation you need. We offer preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Choose Undergraduate if you need to prepare for Bachelor degrees.

Choose Postgraduate if you need to prepare for Masters degrees.


This is a selection of programmes currently offered. Please select one from the list. Programmes for which we offer subject-specific routes are listed separately so you will need to make a choice depending on the area of study you intend to specialise in. If you are not sure of the subject you want to study, don't worry, select a programme and once one of our student enrolment advisers contacts you, they will be able to counsel you on the best route to take.

Do you know the degree you want to study?

Many applicants already know the name of the specific degree they want to study at the University. If you don't, don't worry, select "don't know yet" and we'll help you decide during application. Also, once you begin your course, the tutors will monitor your progress and will help you take a decision on the degree to apply for.

If you answered yes, please indicate your intended degree:

If you already know the specific degree you want to study at the University, please select it from this list. This list contains all validated progression options for the programme you selected. If you don't see the degree you are interested in, it might mean the progression has not been allowed by the University. Alternatively, you might have selected the wrong programme.

Date you wish to start your course

We offer at least two start dates a year for most programmes. The length of the programme does not change. What changes is the amount of time you will have between when you finish your course and the beginning of your degree, ie. more or less holiday/break.

Do you require ELP before your course?

ELP stands for English Language Preparation. This is additional tuition we offer to students whose English does not meet the requirements for one of our programmes. Please note your English will be assessed once we receive this application so don't worry if you are not sure about this.

Section 2: Student details

Question Explanation

1st contact telephone/mobile*

We would prefer you gave us a mobile phone number as your first contact number as it makes it easier to contact you.


Section 3: Parent/Guardian/Emergency details

Question Explanation

1st contact telephone/mobile*

We would prefer you gave us a mobile phone number as your first contact number as it makes it easier to contact you.

Section 4: Insurance and other required information

If you answer 'yes' to the question about your criminal, the student enrolment adviser who will respond to this application form will ask you to send us a full description of events.

Question Explanation

Do you need Overseas Student Health Cover?

It is compulsory for all students to have an insurance while studying in Australia. Insurance will protect you from loss of property and most importantly, will provide you health and medical cover.

If you answer "no" you will need to send us proof of alternative policy

The student enrolment adviser assigned to your application will contact you to request details of your insurance cover.

Medical/disability special needs

It is really important you tell us of any special need you might have so that we can make sure we provide you with the best learning and living environment.

Section 5: Financial information and agreement

Question Explanation

Agreement by the student

The person for whom this application is being submitted must tick this box to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Agreement by the parent/guardian

If the student is under 18 years old, the parent/guardian must tick this box to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Agreement by the fee payer/financial sponsor

This box must be ticked by the person or institution who will be paying the student's fees.

Section 6: Previous education and English level

It is important you provide us with the most detailed information possible about your previous education, including dates, name of the school, location and final grades.

If you have an English test result from a Secure English Language Test (SELT), it would be very useful to submit it in this application form. After reviewing your application, we will make you an offer of a place on a course. To confirm the place we offer you, you will need to pay a deposit, send us your letter of acceptance and provide us with a valid SELT result. So if you don't already have a SELT result, we advise you take the test as soon as possible after submitting this application or after receiving an offer of a place. Examples of SELT are IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, TOEIC.

Please note you will also be tested on arrival so it is really important you don't make someone else do your test for you as if your level of English is lower than stated at enrolment, there might be serious implications for your visa and you might be asked to leave the country.


Section 7: Accommodation

Question Explanation

Do you require residential accommodation?

Most students want to live on campus or in University-managed accommodation where they can share facilities with other students and make friends. All students are encouraged to do so. You might though prefer to make your own accommodation arrangements and in the latter case, please answer "no".

Application for accommodation at the University is done online. Once we have processed this application and we make an offer of a place to you, we will ask you to confirm your place. Once you have confirmed your place on the course, we will send you a url and a code to access the online accommodation booking system.
Please select your preferred option. We will do our best to satisfy your requirements.