Education in Australia

Benefits of studying in Australia

The Australian education system is respected throughout the world, with its higher education ranked in the world top 10 (Universitas 21 2019). Universities in Australia tend to focus on practical learning so your degree will be relevant to the real world of work. You can also prepare for university study by gaining your Higher School Certificate (HSC) with the Taylors College High School Program or study vocational courses at colleges in Australia. To find out more about the Australian education system please visit the Austrade website.


As a student in Australia, you will be encouraged to develop your independent thinking, while being supported by experienced and enthusiastic teachers. 


At university in Australia you will learn through group lectures, group discussions and independent study. Your degree may also include opportunities for practical work or fieldwork. The methods of teaching you will experience depend on the university and the degree you choose. Preparing for university study by completing your HSC at Taylors College will give you the skills, abilities and experience you need to succeed.


The type and number of assessments you will need to complete depends on the degree and university you choose. Some degrees involve regular assessment. Some may be assessed with one final exam. Some may include both assessments and exams. You may be asked to submit coursework, essays and a final dissertation, take part in group work and presentations, or sit exams. Our High School Program is designed to help you transition smoothly between high school and university-level study.

High school

Work towards the renowned Australian Higher School Certificate (HSC) to prepare for university study in Australia.

Year 10 at Taylors College is an important first step to achieving your HSC. You can adapt to life in Australia and get a head start in your studies within a safe and caring learning environment.
In Year 11 students start their HSC and choose the subjects they wish to study over the next two years, in Year 11 and in Year 12. English is the only compulsory subject.

The teaching style at Taylors College encourages students to ask questions, participate in class and focuses on key study skills needed for success at university.

Students have the opportunity to take part in a career development program which helps them identify their skills and areas of interest to guide their university and career goals.

Assessment methods used in Year 11 include oral presentations, assignments, practical examinations, tests of limited scope, and formal examinations.
During the final year of the High School Program, students complete the HSC, apply to university and explore career options.

In Year 12, students receive tools and guidance for successful university applications, access to career advisors and workshops, opportunities to develop leadership skills and a focus on independent learning.

You can only enter Year 12 if you have completed Year 11 at a New South Wales school.

Assessment methods used in Year 12 include oral presentations, assignments, practical examinations, tests of limited scope and formal examinations.

Vocational Courses

You can study a vocational training programme in Australia to focus on developing skills and qualifications directly suited to a specific field and valued by industry bodies.

Vocational qualifications in Australia include Certificate I – IV. These qualifications help you develop from a competent operator to a supervisor. You can then study for a Diploma to take you up to para-professional level, which takes up to two years. The highest level of vocational qualification in Australia is the Advanced Diploma. It takes up to three years to complete and qualifies you for junior management positions.


Ilzar from Russia outside Taylors College

"At the College they are very helpful and supportive. It makes the studying process much easier. In Russia, they just give you this high standard, and if you don't follow it, you're just losing marks every time. Whereas here they talk to you, they care about you a lot. In Russia they also do care, but they also need you to meet these high standards."

Ilzar from Russia
Studying Year 10

Taylors College location

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